My health coaching story began with healing myself. After a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and studying up on the medications that the doctors wanted me to begin, I decided to find alternative ways to improve my health. The drugs had side effects that I was not willing to risk. My chiropractor encouraged me to get tested for food allergies and after a few months of removing specific food from my diet I began to feel much better. It took 4 months, but without meds I was feeling like a new person.

I began to realize just how powerful nutrition is and saw how the “standard American diet” (SAD) is killing all of us. It’s a slow and painful death, too. It manifests in many different chronic diseases that doctors are happy to throw meds at in order to alleviate symptoms. And then you get caught up in an endless cycle of taking meds to alleviate symptoms. I’m not suggesting that ALL doctors are careless in their treatments, but there are so many safer things that can be done. Meds shouldn’t always be the number one thing to turn to.

My journey has been up and down and never perfect. I lost weight, went on unhealthy diets, binged and gained weight back. I’ve been dealing with hormonal issues, MTHFR/methylation issues and even still have trouble with keeping the fat off. I’m still discovering what works for me. I guess that’s the beauty of the journey … we’re all snowflakes. Each one beautiful and unique. No one formula to fix all.

More recently I began having increasing fatigue and other issues and I discovered that my RA diagnosis was not accurate at all. I found out that I really have chronic Lyme and so began a new chapter of learning how to overcome the Lyme monster.

Along the way I began helping friends and family as well .. and then went back to school to get more nutrition training. My passion is to help others find what works for them to reach their own health goals. God has provided so many answers for us in His creation and I hope to help others discover their own answers.

As a health coach who specializes in helping people live healthy and whole lives, I have decided to incorporate essential oils into my daily life and recommend them for my clients as well. I have found tremendous healing by transitioning to these therapeutic oils that are unmatched by any other company out there.

I have both experienced amazing healing and witnessed it in countless others who use essential oils as a part of their daily lives and I would love to help you get started as well.

When you join with me, you will have access to my oil tribe’s private facebook group where we provide support for our oil family. We call it the Rainmaker Sanctuary ~ it has become a place to heal in all areas of life and is overflowing with love and support.

I am also using high quality CBD tinctures and skin care products as well.

If you want more info about essential oils or CBD, send me a message! I’d love to hear from you!!