Arete Wellness Mind Body Shift is powered by Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach software.

The Mind Body SHIFT is an online habit-based coaching experience. People that join in the SHIFT will get daily emails and lessons in the ProCoach portal that concentrate on a new habit. Each new habit is introduced every 2 weeks, so for those 2 weeks the participant is given the chance to practice the habit with lots of support and daily lessons before the next one is presented. Each participant can join our private Facebook group for support and accountability and will be eligible for monthly personal coaching sessions. Since this is my first launch of the SHIFT, I am offering it for $100/month or if you bring a friend, it will be $75/month per person. The program lasts for a year. You will get customized quick start eating guide within a few weeks of completing the intake.

SHIFT is NOT a diet. We will not be talking about following a rigid set of rules. Instead you will start learning how to take action steps toward your goal while following guidelines and creating YOUR personal owner’s manual. We will talk about what healthy food and portions look like. We will talk about your mindset, slowing down, what “full” feels like and incorporating healthy veggies, protein, fat and carbs. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We will focus on doing just a little bit better each day instead of tying to change everything all at once.

Ready for change? You don’t have to do it alone!

Precision Nutrition, partners with health and fitness professionals to help them deliver expert nutrition coaching, ongoing support, and guided mentorship to their clients.

Over the last 12 years, in partnership, PN has helped over 45,000 men and women lose more than 900,000 pounds of body fat, reduce their medications, and enjoy more of their lives.

Over the next few months, PN will be working closely with you and Coach Tracie to help you build new eating habits that will translate into more energy, less fat, and better health.

Are you ready for the SHIFT?!!

** Simple habit based changes
** Accountability
** No dieting – learn about healthy food
** Daily lessons
** Create your unique user manual
** Mind change that translates into body change
** Personal growth
** Private Facebook group for support

PN_ProCoach_Logo_ColourSHIFT is a year long program priced at just $100/month. Ask about our friends and family discount!

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